To Make a Survey Inquiry- Use our contact form!

Hello! To get a prompt estimate for your survey needs, please go to our Contact form on this site (click Contact, above), and please include the following information in the Your Message section:
1) The exact purpose of the survey: examples include “I’m selling the property, and the buyer or title company wants the old survey updated for new improvements” (=Improvement Location Report); “This property has never been surveyed, or survey is old or inaccurate” (=Boundary Survey), “We want to split this property into separate tracts” (Land Division and/or Lot Split Survey), “We want to split our property and transfer lots to our kids” (=Family Transfer Survey), “We are about to build on our property and need a terrain map for the builder/architect” (=Topographic Survey), “We need to know where our property corners are” or “we are building a fence and need the boundary line staked” (= Find and Flag, Points on Line, etc), “We need Aerial Mapping”, etc etc etc. Survey costs vary greatly depending on what the job scope is- from a few hundred dollars to thousands- so please provide as many details as you can!
2) the exact location of the property. We will need to be able to look at the property in Google Earth and other maps to be able to give you an estimate. Give street addresses if available, area name with directions and/or google earth placemarks, deed references, and county tax owner numbers are all ways we can locate your property.
3) Size of the property, in acres, and terrain type (forested? sagebrush? mountain? valley land? etc)
4) your email address and phone number. We don’t use these for any purpose except to contact you for quote or information.
You may also send your information, google earth kmz, etc to redtail(at) (replace the “at” with “@”
Thanks so much!
Red Tail Team