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The Heights We Will Go To

It just came to my attention that we hadn’t yet posted pictures from when we were surveying on top of Kachina Peak for the new lift at Taos Ski Valley. This is fieldwork that was done in the middle of winter on top of one of New Mexico’s highest peaks! photo 5





Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sure sprung. We didn’t have a slow period this winter, and the spring flood of jobs is starting to come in, so if you are considering getting survey work done, let us know as soon as possible for the fastest turnaround!

It’s fall, and we’re crankin’.


It’s fall, 2015, and as often happens, fall is extremely busy for us in Surveying and Land Information Services. Here’s Field Dude Jim hard at work on one of our many projects. If you think you will need some survey work done in the next month or so, do please drop us a call or email as soon as possible! As of early October, 2015, we are booking several weeks out.

Red Tail is flying!

August 3, 2015 update: It’s summer, and boy-oh-boy are we busy. If inquiring for new survey work, please be aware that we are scheduled out for the next 6-8 weeks. PS, when using our Contact form, please give details on your property and the purpose of the work, so we can be better prepared when we respond!

Contacting Us By Email

It has come to our attention that our Contact form isn’t always loading properly in all browsers. We are working on this technical website issue; meanwhile, if you have problems with the contact form, you may email us directly at redtail (at) Replace the “at” with the usual @ symbol; we’re trying to avoid spambots here.
You may also call or fax us at (575) 758.7441, or drop by the office at 301A Hinde St, Taos, NM.